Funky Town Shop :: Commentary

Funky Town Shop :: Inspiration ::

Funky Town Shop :: Inspiration

The magazines that reflect and report the current fashion trends are often inspired by a visit to Funky Town.

We have fashion that spans more than six decades

The trend setters watch the vintage market and adapt the styles to create New Trends. Essentially we assist and develop each others Market.
Designers have been influenced by our shop displays and attractive mannequins - the embryonic concepts have helped to style their collections and develop their brand of fashion

"seeing is believing! Recycled and Transformed Vintage."

Funky Town Shop :: Camden

Funky Town Shop is based in the heart of The Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, Camden Town - London NW1 8AH.



Funky Town Shop :: Inspiring Fashion

Combing Racks for Rare Vintage

"... designers... transform recognisable classics, adding their own original ideas to them... which become their trademarked feature.

High-quality, expensive clothes, like fine wines and Cognacs, only get better with age.

Vintage can be combined with modern clothes and accessories... You don't have to dress in vintage from head to toe - sometimes just one item is enough."

Source extracts:
The Russia Journal
(Combing the racks around town for rare vintage finds)